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Friday, September 23, 2005

Using PowerPoint to Meet Technology Outcomes

The purpose of this post is to explain a specific technology outcome related to using PowerPoint in the classroom from the Alberta Learning web site.

Specific Technology Outcome Being Integrated: P.3.1.2 create visual images by using such tools as paint and draw programs for particular audiences and purposes

Subject: English Language Arts

Grade: 1


In this lesson, students will learn to use and become familiar with a paint and draw program on the computer. This lesson could be used to help students in a unit about a holiday such as Halloween. This activity could supplement a writing project. Students could have previously written Halloween stories. To demonstrate their ability to choose pictures to represent words they could create images in a paint and draw program that will accompany their writing. The teacher could then make PowerPoint presentations of each child's story including the pictures and writing on each slide. This will show students that their own writing can be made into electronic stories. To take the project a step further, the students could read the stories aloud as they appear on the screen.


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