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Sunday, September 11, 2005

My First Impression of Blogging and How I Believe it is Beneficial in Education!

I have never blogged before so this entire experience has been new to me. I had no idea what exactly a blog was before I read through our various class links and the readings/exercises. However, I have to say that it is quite an interesting form of technology. I have already attempted to try a few things on my own, like make up my profile and add some pictures through the "hello from picasa" program. Already it seems to be a very 'fun' online tool. I look forward to learning more in this online education class about blogging and the ways it is helpful in the classroom.

In terms of my first impressions of blogging in education, I think that the program is beneficial but also has some setbacks. I believe the positive attributes include firstly, that it is an easy way for people to keep in touch. More specifically, it is a way for teachers and students or teachers and parents to communicate. This communication can be in the form of listing up to date homework assignments, or even as a way for students and other students or teachers and students to ask and respond to questions for exams, homework assignments or just questions about the topic of the day in the classroom. It is extremely beneficial because the posts are always there, so if a student would want to or need to go back and read a past assignment or find an answer they could easily access the archived posts.

I think that it is also very beneficial because it creates a different way for students to voice their opinions and beliefs then just voicing them in the classroom. Many students have a hard time speaking up in class for various reasons, this could be a way for those students to show their teacher and peers that they too have useful and insightful information to contribute.

Blogs could also be beneficial in helping students and teachers to get to know one another better. Through profiles and various journal-like posts, the students and teachers could share information about themselves to achieve a better understanding of each other. Through this, a teacher could also monitor a students writing style and typing skills and offer tips for improvement.

Most importantly, blogging offers students a chance to learn a new technology and try out a different way of learning. This may be for some, a more fun way of learning rather than just writing and reading from paper and pen. It could provide a challenge to some students and teachers, but, it will probably achieve the outcome of expanding their knowledge and allowing them to try something new.

While I do believe all of the above are very positive attributes of blogging, I do believe that blogs could be a very negative technology if not used properly. The teacher would very specifically have to explain the purpose of the blogs to the students and encourage them to use them in an school or classroom appropriate manner.

Ultimately, being a first time blogger, I have been impressed with the technology. I see it as being a very beneficial tool for the classroom and I look forward to learning about other ways blogging can be used for education.


  • At 8:26 PM, Blogger Dale said…

    Hi Cassandra: For a first-time blogger you have really pushed the limits of what is possible with your inclusion of a number of photos.

    Another negative feature is the possible spam-like comments.

    Take care.

  • At 5:47 AM, Blogger Dale said…

    Hi Cassandra:
    Hopefully this will eliminate unwanted spam.



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